Tuesday, September 15, 2009

City Sports Released

City Sports is our latest title to be released and I only have great things to say about this project. When you get to be part of something that everyone is excited about it is a lot of fun. I watched our team work together and accomplish some pretty big goals.
The biggest goal for the art team was building an art direction to blend characters, environments and Huds together. I do not consider this to be an easy task. In fact it's our toughest. I posted this particular painting because I think it was that one thing we could always go to when we needed an answer.
Some highlights- Chris and Carissa's cast of characters (very fun to end up as Paul)
Yin's single player environment (Yeah it worked!!)
Andrews hockey scene and pigeons (pulled together what I considered a failed design on my end, the hockey painting)
Jeffs animation in kickball (I always like when there is life)
and for me, well my biggest moment was catching Jeff using the pencil tool to paint a texture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Animators (should have kept the shooting...lol seriously game is full of life)

Oh yeah and the programmers did ok on this one to..........LOL.......good job guys!!!!


Inspired by shadow complex I wanted to build a mech. Here is the 2d drawing. I fully intend to paint this and build it.