Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey guys, this painting/drawing is a story about a sol being tortured. Every couple hrs a bell rings and this guy is streched by massive chains. Let me know what u think. Really want to know if you guys have trouble figuring out just what it is I have painted. Double click the second image it will enlarge. I'm thinking this painting has a ways to go, just not sure what to do with it.


  1. Cory, Have you gone over to the dark side? Why torture? But if your going to do that kind of art you should know how and why.
    Why torture a horse like creature? Can it talk? Give information? Then you've got to know how. Wrapping a chain around it's waist and front legs won't hurt it unless you're putting pressure against it to crush the body parts. You would need to have a chain around the neck and body pulling in opposite directions or one on each leg doing the same.
    How about a portrait of my granddaughter instead but without the torture equipment. Dad

  2. Dad, I have always been on the dark side. The painting was influenced by the writer at work. My main goal was to show some kind of suffering. The painting of Emily is in the works. So happy you posted and it really seems like you know your torture.