Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sketches from the hospital

Got a chance to come home from Philly and I found myself pacing the floors so I decided to post some sketches I did from the hospital. Emily is doing great, might even come home this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you babe and happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hope everything turns out alright.

    Love the sketches. I like the slug looking dude and the robot/mech guy the most.

    Also heard about DE. I'll keep my eye out.

    Best of luck.

  2. I heard about Emily, you guys will be in my thoughts! I went to Phili when I was sick as a kid, the doctors are VERY good. Give many hugs and kisses to Emily and Jessica for me! And if you can somehow manage to give them to yourself, then add that to the list too. Stay strong dude, it'll all work out :)

    These sketches, on a lighter note, are incredible. Specially that 4th one...I can't stop looking at it. Good luck Cory, I miss workin' with ya!

  3. Hi guys, thanks for writing. Emily is home now and she is doing fantastic. We have her on antibiotics and she is acting as usual. She has picked up the giggles since coming out of the hospital!!!! In two weeks we go back to get another MRI to see if the infection is going away and to monitor the cysts. She is a tough little girl and watching her is making us tougher. Thanks again for writing.

  4. Thats great news Cory! Shes a trooper, and I'm glad everything is going smoothly. Giggles are probably the cutest form of recovery ever haha! Keep me up to date, and I'll get you those crits I got when I get a free sec :)