Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey guys, I have been painting this guy here and there during the baby's naps. I am really excited about him but on the other hand realizing it's time to do some kind of illustration. I'm going to work back into this old environment sketch and see how far I can take it.


  1. i am blown away by what you've been doing here lately!!!

    I heard about emily hope everything is ok.
    I also would love to know what "be honest" was all about , lmao!

  2. Thanks dude. We are back in the hospital with Emily, she needed surgery to remove an infected cyst on the back of her brain. I think when we get home I'm going to do some kind of post to explain things. At this point we r trying to recover from surgery and hoping nothing else is wrong. Over a few beers I'll tell you about "be honest" a prayer for Emily and I'll be in touch.