Thursday, January 27, 2011

sculpting and painting W.I.P.

Hey everyone, been working on a few projects as of late and I wanted to post some images. The first 2 are sculpts in Zbrush which started with the amazing Zsketch and Zsphere features. The third piece is a painting I have been working on. My goal in this painting is to not draw the forms but to paint it using shape, value, color.


  1. Wow Cory, that painting is fantastic! The colors and textures really work well together. Wonderful dude!

    And the sculpts are awesome. Really great movement in the big guy, you can feel how heavy he is. Keep it up Cory!

  2. thanks Aisleen, I'm really excited about the painting. We have talked so much about value and I feel like it's starting to come to me. I'm not guessing so much. As for the sculpts, if I finish that space helmet guy I think he will be really cool. PS I need to sign up for drawing again, I miss it.