Sunday, March 20, 2011

Creature Design

Hey guys, so lately I have been studying how value makes form read clearly. Form change = value change and a system taught by Scott Robertson called halfway to black. Anyhow I chose to rework this old design and implement these new findings.


  1. Wow man that reads so well. The Scott Robertson system is pretty cool. No more guess work in your values. You're starting to get a photo real quality to your image. Really nice Cory. Looks like you took a big step on this one.

  2. Ted, thanks man...I felt good about the painting and now I'm going back to a lot of unfinished pieces and re-painting. All comes back to our conversations about having a system. It's amazing to realize how quickly I get off track and just start randomly throwing down value. I'm trying to get in the habit of making a blue print before I start and while I'm working always ask WHY am I making a mark, is it saying what I need it to say? Easier said than