Wednesday, April 20, 2011

update on tree

Hello out there, here is an update and I'm about to move forward to the low poly. Found out I have a few extra days to work so I added the extra vines holding the graphic icon. I like the mushrooms I added around the sculpt as well. Side note, my opinion of zbrush being awesome is now even bigger with the added feature of shadowbox. Definitely check it out.


  1. Looks really cool, Cory! I'd definitely touch up those rocks on the bottom if they're important. They look more rough than the tree thing. :) Good luck! Hope you get a call back/interview.

  2. Hey Yin, THANKS!! Yeah I went back into the rock and the tree and used my diffuse to manipulate into a normal and combined 2 normal maps together in crazy bump. Please crit away again I found it helpful. How R you doing, I'm grinding away into nothing...LOL!!!!