Saturday, May 12, 2012

models combined in scene

Hey everyone.  I'm working out a story board for how I would like to move the camera through the scene and I snapped some renders to help me think it out.  This is one of them that I thought was cool. 


  1. Awesome. what is this for? Did I read in your last post that you left Brand?

  2. Dude, nice! Mental Ray or Marmoset?

  3. I did have to leave Brand. Financial reasons and I'm pretty devastated. I felt like I was in a great place and loved the art director to death. Going back to the tree business for a bit and starting to put together freelance gigs once again.
    Chris-actually it's Cinema 4D. I have enjoyed learning the program and I'm hoping to find more work using it. It does neat things with animation. I have just scratched the surface though.